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There are three ways for Kentucky voters to cast their ballot for this November’s election:
1) *In-person before Election Day,
      Oct. 13th - Nov. 2nd.

2) In-person on Election Day.
3) **By absentee ballot (return by mail or ballot dropbox): To find out if you qualify for an absentee ballot click the "Next" button below.
*By Executive Order, (E.O. 2020-668(3)), in-person voting begins October 13, 2020 and shall be available during regular business hours, and at least four hours on the three Saturdays before November 3, 2020. Voters who feel safe voting in person are encouraged to vote before November 3, 2020, to ensure appropriate social distancing can be maintained.
**By Executive Order, (E.O. 2020-668(1)), all Kentuckians who are concerned about contracting or spreading COVID-19 may vote via absentee ballot for the 2020 general election, consistent with the expanded definition of excused absentee provided in the August 14, 2020 recommendations of Secretary of State Adams.